Gwyn A. 

Kaley B.

McKenna C.

Tierney C. 

Kya C.

Alexa C.

Abigail D.

Morgan D.

Clara F.

Emery H.

Shalise H.

Ellie H.

Camryn H.

Kaylee H.

Tiera J.

Brekyn K. 

Mackenzee L.

Cami P.

Aliena P.

Kaitlyn R.

Chloe S.

Cassie W.

Grace W.


Captain:  Grace W.

Lieutenant:  McKenna C.

Lieutenant: Tiera J

Lieutenant:  Cassie W.

Junior Varsity

Allure A.

Valerie B.

Maci E.

Abrielle G.

Lily H.

Natalie M.

Lily M.

Ava P.

Chloe P.

Calista S.

Melana Z.


Co-Captain:  Valerie B.

Co-Captain:  Lily M.

Lieutenant:  Ava P.

Lieutenant:  Chloe P.

2018 - 2019

Olathe NortH



Olathe North High School

600 E. Prairie St.

Olathe, KS 66061


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