Who we are


…Build a sense of community, cooperation, and teamwork within our constantly changing group of diverse, high school dancers.
…Use the art of dance to show our school spirit, represent ourselves, our parents, our directors, and our school.
…Build a sense of unconditional belonging and acceptance.
…Foster a development of each member’s abilities, talents, and strengths through a challenging and motivating environment that never intimidates.
…Help members set individual and team goals, reach them, and surpass them.
…Makemembers accountable for their actions, both good and bad.
…Help build character traits of integrity, discipline, honesty, and self-worth within each member.
…Grow as dancers and as young women.
…Always leave them wanting more and never mistake an award for that “feeling” in our heart.
…Strive to create a dance team that is always positive, uplifting, and one that we are proud to be a part of!


The 2022-2023 tryouts will be held April 25th-28th.


Information will be available at Olathe North or you may contact Head Coach, Kayla Sinclair at kasinclair@olatheschools.org.

Check under the "Tryouts" tab for more information!


The Eaglettes rehearse every morning during the school year, occasionally after school, and throughout the summer. Both Varsity and Junior Varsity attend summer dance camp and band camp in the summer. The Eaglettes perform at football, basketball, and soccer halftimes. The team also hosts the O.N.E. Love Movement in the fall for teams and individuals to showcase their new routines for the year.  They compete at two competitions in January, 5 Star Productions and Lee's Summit Invitational. The Eaglettes host a Little Eaglette Clinic in the winter, and a High School Dance Workshop in February. The Eaglettes host a spring show that is performed in April. Not all of their time is spent dancing! The Eaglettes have many social functions throughout the year. They also are involved in the community in different ways, such as giving volunteer dance lessons, conducting area clean ups, working with the Salvation Army and Harvesters, and much more!


The Eaglettes are under the direction of Head Coach, Kayla Sinclair and Assistant Coaches, Jimeara Brock, Kayla Hall-Johnson, and Michelle Rauter.